Frozen dog treat

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Frozen dog treat

June 2020,

Similar to the “Frosty Paws” they sell at any major retailer – except our frozen dog treat mixture is organic.  I had just finished blending a batch for Leo.  I poured and filled one cup and as I went to pour the second cup a little bit dripped off the pitcher blender into the empty cup, I noticed one of the drips was shaped as a heart.

How to make homemade natural frozen dog treats: blend 24 oz of plain non-fat Greek yogurt, generous scoop of peanut butter, one ripe banana with a little bit of organic milk (for mixing purposes) – then pour the contents into dixie cups or small Tupperware containers, cover them with plastic wrap or its top and place in freezer.

Once frozen, remove cover and serve to pup.  Your pup(s) will LOVE them.

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