Holy Sheet!

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Holy Sheet!

April 2020

A couple of my very favorite episodes of LetterKenny feature a couple named The Dycks;  Noah and Anita Dyck. The episodes are, “Dycks slip out” and “Holy Sheet”.

The writing of these two episodes are flawlessly perfect!  Not to mention, so funny, no matter how many time I have seen them (9 times now), I tend tear-up from laughing.

This pic is of Daryl, looking thru the hole of a hanging sheet, the heart is found to right of his nose.

Again, this show is one of the best written and flawless acted shows I ever seen.  I honestly, cant believe it has not been recognized and nominated for a Grammy or Golden Globe yet.

However, the show LetterKenny, along with the writing team of Jared Kesso & Jacob Tierney have been both nominated and won, all the top awards in Canada’s equivalent awards show.

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