Valentine Special

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Valentine Special

April 2020

Anyone that reads these posts, is aware how much I love the Crave/Hulu Show LetterKenny.  This pic was taken from the shows intro for their Valentines Special.

FYI: Jared Keeso the show’s creator, writer and star, LOVES dogs.

Besides letting his dog Gus have a recurring role in the show, he named the whiskey they drink on the show after him “Gus & Bru.”  And, as for the beautiful German Shepard in the logo, that’s Jared’s dog as well, named “Stormy” – yes, she also has a recurring role in the show.

Jared went so far to create a beer for the show called “Pupper’s”, they make reference to this beer throughout every episode.  The show did such a great job advertising it, a Canadian beer company created an actual beer called Pupper’s  – currently, available only in Canada.

Love the tag line on the posters – U can see hanging in their local bar “MoDean’s” in the show – “Who’s a good beer..?”

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