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April 2020

If U been reading all the postings in 2020, U already know how much I love the Crave/Hulu original LetterKenny!

Lisa and I are now on our 7th time watching this series back-to-back.  Not very hard to do, each episode is only 20 to 25min and there are on average about 6 episodes per season.

As I have stated before, we enjoy watching 2 episodes before bed every night.

In this pic, Wayne (Jared Keeso – creator and writer) was leaning on the side of the barn and there is some red paint missing in the form of a heart to the right of him.

I did post a pic from this scene before, but what I hadn’t noticed until watching it 4 times; is that in one quick moment they edited a shot of this scene (for a spit second) with an grasshopper next to the heart.



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