Happy St. Perfect’s Day!

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March 17, 2020

If U are current with all the posts – U are aware of how much Lisa and I love the Hulu series LetterKenny.

Every night before bed we been watching an episode of LetterKenny.  We finished the series a couple weeks ago and decided to re-watch the series from the beginning.  Yes, the show is that good!

In saying that, the other day on St. Patricks Day we went and started up the next show in line, as it started we noticed the name up in the corner “St. Perfect’s Day!”

I was like, wait a minute…. What are the chances of us watching this series again and we go to start the next show on St. Patricks Day and it is their St.Patricks Day special episode.  Both Lisa and I started to laugh – seems almost too coincidental.   Lucky us!!

The best part of rewatching the series over – U catch all the things U have missed first time around.  Specially considering all the content they have written for each episode – there is always something new to discover and laugh along with.

In the posted pic, Jacob Tierney the co writer and director of LetterKenny, plays a flawlessly acted and hilarious character named Glen!  In the scene, Glen was talking to the Hockey boys, behind them were a few heart shaped leaves.  And, as a bonus, if U look closely: far right, half way up, there is a light lime leaf with a tiny dark green heart in the middle.

As for details, since it was The St.Paddy’s special, everything green in the show – was extra bight and beautiful.  Nice touch!!

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