Birthday cloud

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July 27, 2019

After I had spotted the heart cloud in yesterday’s post, I went into the garage to get the pool ready for McKinlee.  About 15 minutes later, as I was walking out of the garage, I noticed a second heart cloud.

What a fantastic way to start my birthday day.  More hearts please!!


  1. Hello,
    I’m one as some others around this world who can see hearts.
    Since 2011 I’ve been seeing hearts, I have pics and things heart shaped.
    I found one day to be able to measure ( energy) or maybe is the vitality, for example a fruit on the tree has a certain level of this energy, when you pick it up and measure it day by day this energy lower down.
    I measured hearts I found during these years and I found that when they are really send from the other dimension, their energy is the highest.
    In your site on the right side there are your recent hearts seen.
    Birthday cloud, Morning, shower water, have no power, I can thing they are just a coincidence, It happen to me as well.
    Almost invisible, Uptown graffiti, are a true message, because they have high energy.
    The probable reason of these hearts in your life is that Savannah has a very high magnetism.
    It maybe possible an heritage from ancestors or who was in her last life, or both.
    Her natural skills or tendencies when she was a baby could give some informations.
    During the first childhood we keep more or less strong memories from other lives, I think should be of a great importance to cultivate this heritage.
    Kind regards

    • thank U so much I found your email quite interesting. Please share your found hearts and stories with us in the site -0 did U download the app?

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