Pineapple spice

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Pineapple spice

March 2019

Lisa and I had our very close friends Cory & JamieLynn over for dinner last March.  As for the heart in the pic, a small piece of spice was spotted on the pineapple.

From the grill, we served steamed honey and pineapple chicken.  Basically, U place the chicken breast on a piece of tinfoil adding a little olive oil, pineapple, and plenty of honey – U then seal it up (airtight), by folding the tinfoil around it.  Place on grill and let the heat steam up the contents – about 15min later it’s ready to serve.

The chicken should have soaked up all the honey and pineapple juice.  If U are lucky the edges of the chicken gets a little burnt (cuz of honey).  VERY, VERY, TASTY!!

Coincidentally, this pic was in line to be posted today and ironically, Cory and JamieLynn are joining us for dinner tonight!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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