No tattoo

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No tattoo

September 2017

As I shared in yesterday’s post, it was beautiful sunny but windy fall day.  As I was standing on the deck yelling out to Leo “U are so fast” and watching him demonstrate how fast he really is, by running around the yard at top speed.

I looked down on my arm and blinked.  And, I have no idea why I thought to my self for a split second – a tattoo?   As quickly as the thought came, reality hit me, the wind blew this red heart leaf onto my arm – what are the chances??  It’s heart shaped and red!

Before I took my phone out to take the pic, I laughed at myself, for thinking for a split second I had a tattoo – I didn’t know about.  I would never get a tattoo.  I just have a serious case of hearts on the brain!

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