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July 28, 2018  I attended Matt’s Bday/house warming party.  I met Matt when he purchased my old home at 3916 Ewing Ave S.

I suppose it is not normal for the seller to become friends with the buyer after the sale closes…  Although, if U met Matt U would understand why.  Simply stated – he is a great guy!

The day I was moving out, I had thought no big deal, we will move ourselves.  OMG!!!  First it was the day before the Super Bowl – it was negative 8 out and it was snowing.  Everything that could go wrong, went wrong!

To make along story short, we didn’t finish moving that Saturday as I planned.  As a courtesy, I called Matt to let him know.  His first response was – do U need help moving tomorrow.  Coincidentally, I did need help cuz everyone helping on Saturday was not available Sunday.

I couldn’t believe he was offering to help, specially since he had to move himself, after we were to close a few days later. Both him and his brother helped me on Sunday, and without any issue that day, I was moved into my temporary place.  (I will tell U this, when it came time to move to our new home in May – I hired a company to take care of it.)

Regardless, after Matt had graciously helped me – we remained friends.  Over the past 6 months we have become even better friends.

It was not surprising, when I attended his house warming party last week and heard from the other 50+ guests of how great of a guy he is.  Story after story of how they had met Matt, all ended with them stating, “he is such a great guy!”

Now to the pic, I did leave the fire pit from the land when I moved, so he asked if I could help him get it started – which I did.

While Matt, I and a few of his friends were chatting around the fire, I had noticed the 12 pack container on the ground, looked like it had a rip on top shaped as a heart, it actually turned out to be a bottle sticking out, that made it look like a heart.

I took a couple pics and they were blurry, and Matt said here let me take the pic for U.  Again, what a great guy!!

I’m sure as time goes by, and the heart pics are shared U will hear more of Matt in them.  He is one of those friends, U keep for life!!

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  1. What a great story and connection!

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