20 years!

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20 years!

Sorry for the delay of new posts!!  Back in October the company that was hosting all our sites – had a flaw in their system.

Even though we had a back up credit card from the one we choose for billing – they were both connected to our account – we had to learn the hard way that their system doesn’t recognize the back up credit card.  Unknown to us, their complete system is digital/automatic, they DO NOT have real people monitoring anything – they simply send auto emails – which apparently all went straight to spam.

After 2 months of non payment (from the main card which expired), their system then deletes your account, all your files – and again, this all happens without any human interaction taken to contact us to get the issue resolved.  This resulted in losing 3 months worth of posts/stories.  Thank god I personally backed it up the site in Aug.

If that wasn’t bad enough, when we went to launch the site on a new server  – we found that all the pics over the past 3 years were no longer connected to their stories. Which meant, I had to re load all the pics, and then read each story and find the pic that it was written about. This is why there were no new posts for the past 2 months.  Actually, I just finished connecting them all last night.

The pic U see today is of (what I thought for the past 20 years) was eczema.  The only difference is for the past 20 years the “so-called” eczema was 2 inches round in shape and it was the only spot on my body I had it.  I assumed it came about cuz at the very top of the spot, U could still see the bluish spot of pencil lead from a fellow student who poked me there in elementary school.

A month or so ago, I was wearing shorts and Savannah said, “dad did U notice that the shape of your eczema on your leg, is now shaped like a heart?”  I looked and started to laugh – this would only happen to me.  Again, it is true, “what U think about, U bring about”.  That is when I took this pic.

All kidding and coincidences aside – I found it to strange even for me – must be a sign.  I decided, since I had never had a doctor look at this in the past 20 years, I should and made an appointment with the dermatologist.

The Dr. looked at it and asked, “do U have any eczema anywhere else on your body?”  I replied, “nope.” he said, “Im afraid this is cancer”, and did a biopsy.

Apparently, for the past 20 years it was like pre cancer – but when it changed shape is when it became serious.  How ironic, it took it to change the shape of a heart for me to take action.  And, thank god I did, the Dr. stated, if I would have waited any longer this could have become very very serious.

On Dec 28th I had surgery, where they cut out this chunk from my leg and then pulled my skin together to cover the 2.5 inches they removed – I’m currently healing and waiting for them to remove the 13 stitches from my leg.

Again ironic, they removed a heart shaped piece of cancer then gave me 13 stitches – my favorite shape and number.

This past year was my year of many surprises – however, wounded in many ways – I survived and will continue to strive!!


Today is my son Brett’s 20th Birthday – I couldn’t be more proud then I am for all he has become – so far!!  I wish I was half the man he is today, when I was 20.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRETT!!



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