Sunsets in my Heart

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Sunsets in my Heart

When I was at ToyFair in NY – Genna introduced me to one of her friends/associates Ashley – when we were all out bowling the night before the last day of the Fair.

I saw a heart and was asked “what was I taking a pic of” – as expected I said, I see hearts.  (U will be able to see the heart I found on “My Hearts” – when I finally catch up to all the backed up heart pics I have and not yet posted).

The Next day, Ashley came by our Rubba Ducks booth to share with me this pic of the heart shaped sunset that was circulating on facebook.  I told her she made the site, and I would post it for her.


Coincidentally, when I returned home from the trip I found a message from Camille with this same pic.

Basically, I received this sunset twice – it’s special pic indeed!!


Photo by Ashley

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