Greg’s Heart

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Greg’s Heart

I returned home from China this past Monday night, to learn my childhood best friend, Greg Riebe’s heart unexpectedly gave out.

My favorite part of childhood were summers at my cabin and all these memories go hand in hand with my neighbor and best friend Greg.  Many, many, many unbelievable and cherished stories!!

Greg and I were connected on so many levels, we both shared this genuine positive outlook and confidence in life, this made every adventure and moment we shared fun and exciting, we both simply fed off each others optimistic attitude and full of life energy.

As we got older and became adults we also both shared the entrepreneurial spirit. Success came easy for us, first on our own and then in 2001; we were able to create more cherished memories working side by side and having some fun together!

In 2001 when visiting Greg in NY, he shared with me the concern of his father’s health. At the time Rubba Ducks was just beginning to take off – I suggested he come back home to Minneapolis, spend all the time he can with his dad and work along side me managing all the sales at Rubba Ducks.

As always, a win win for us both! Greg was able to spend some real quality time with his dad before his death in 2002 and at the same time, he and I together side by side were able to ride the wave of success with Rubba Ducks.

Again, so many cherished, memorable moments and adventures were had.  This pic taken here – which is framed and hangs on a wall in my office – was from the Country Music Awards in 2002.

We had pics taken with everyone; Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow, Kenny Rogers, Trace Adkins, Brooks and Dunn, the list goes on – we met them all, however the funny thing is, not being country music lovers, I couldn’t even tell U what band we are pictured with here – I just think Greg and I look so cool in our leather outfits – looking like were part of the band (Greg is on the far right behind the heart & I’m in the middle).

We didn’t need to like country music to fit in and have a blast, actually the only reason we were there, was just a week prior we met Trisha Yearwood backstage at the American Music Awards, she took the Rubba Duck out of her gift bag and said, “I have to get U two into the Country Music Awards next week, my friends will love U guys and your ducks.” We both looked at each other and said, “we’ll be there!”

And, we were off on another adventure! As I said, Greg and I were having the times of our lives!

It’s interesting, it so hard to feel down when I think about him being gone now – cuz as always! the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Greg, is ALL the positive and fun memories we had and shared; both up at the cabin and working together on Rubba Ducks.  Knowing Greg, that is exactly the way he would want it – keeping it positive! – specially since we both have always agreed, we gain nothing from thinking any other way.

What I will miss… is never hearing his laugh and seeing that sparkle in his eyes and the smirky good looking grin on his face.

My dedication was made to him a long time ago, before he even joined me with Rubba Ducks: U will find it in the form of a bio for P.King, the King of all the Rubba Ducks –  which is Greg’s duck, hatch date and all.

King of Ducks, but jester at heart.  He is a friend, a brother – true loyalty, true royalty.  Loves to say “KING ME!” when playing checkers. Words to live by: “More, More and MORE DUCKS!”

In my heart of hearts Greg will be missed, although no way will he ever be forgotten!


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