Pumpkin King

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Pumpkin King

Merry Christmas, from the Pumpkin King!! 

The Nightmare Before Christmas, my favorite animated movie, and one of my top 10 favorite movies.

Even though I have seen this film a couple hundreds of times, I was watching it the other morning, and I noticed for the first time, there is a heart pattern on the curtain behind Jack Skellington.

This comes from the scene where Jack is trying to get everyone to love his idea about Christmas.

This movie is flawless and full of so many details. If U haven’t seen it, U should! U will uncover something new in every sitting.

We use to have a beautiful porcelain Angel to sit at the top of our Christmas tree every year – she was replaced 15 years ago, this throne is now for our special porcelain Jack Skellington dressed in his Santa suit .

My two favorite lines in the movie:

Sally is feeling restless, Dr. Ficklestein says to Sally, “We need to be patient” Sally responds, “I don’t want to be patient” – he created her, so technically she is his patient.

Jack is looking to try some experiments to discover what Christmas is all about, he shares this with Dr. Ficklestein who says to Jack, “Curiosity killed the cat U know”, and Jack replies sadly, “I know…” – giving U the impression that a cat they really cared about did die from curiosity.

This movie is full of great lines!

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