Barbie Box

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Barbie Box

A few days before Savannah left for Italy, she went thru her box of Barbies we had stored away.

The reason she was going thru the box was to determine what she might want to keep for her daughter some day. What she didn’t want to keep – she was going to give to Ellie, Rylee’s daughter who just started playing with Barbies.

After she went thru it, I was surprised to see how many Barbies she actually had.

When she gave me the box to give to Rylee and Ellie, there were about 8 Barbie dolls, a bunch of clothes, accessories and furniture. It’s amazing how much stuff we buy our kids.

When I was a kid, my sister had maybe 1 or 2 Barbie dolls – not dozen’s – how many does one kid need?

Oh yeah… when Savannah gave me the box, I noticed this heart shape rip on the top of the box.

As for Ellie, she was ecstatic when she opened up the box and saw all the Barbies and stuff!!


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