Hearts of all sizes

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Hearts of all sizes

Construction is still going on with our street – we are now in week 6.  Buckles and I were on a walk when I noticed this big heart rock – but didn’t bring phone – I thought I will wait till our walk at the end of the day and get it then.

As I was walking over to where the bigger rock was – I looked down and saw this little tiny heart shaped rock.  Obviously, I would have never found the smaller rock if I didn’t forget my phone earlier that prompted me to come back to take the photo of the bigger heart rock.

As U can see in this photo I placed the smaller rock below the large one so I could get them both in the same photo.

A couple birthday’s today!!  Savannah’s Mom,  Bridget and my cousin Joe’s Birthday. 

Happy Birthday to U both – have a coolestrial day!!!

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