land, dinner and the view

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land, dinner and the view

I believe it was summer 2002, we were having dinner at the land. What a view right?!

I seen this photo sitting on Savannah’s dresser as I was picking it up – I thought of all the good memories and then I thought there has to be a heart in here so I can share this moment by posting this photo.

I noticed the steaks on the grill were a heart. Then i seen the hole (left side of the tree in the middle of photo) – the hole (missing leaves) is shaped as a heart and then there are a few leaves within the hole that is shaped as a heart. That is when I noticed the emptiness (clearing) in the tress directly behind the tree it’s shaped as a heart and finally, at the very bottom of that heart there are some trees a little darker then the rest and it’s heart shaped as well.  2 sets of 2 hearts within each other.

Now that I’m writing this I noticed within the rocks are hearts as well.  HE♥RTS ROCK!!!


Double Digits Nick!!  Happy Birthday Buddy – don’t worry 10 is just a number, we can still behave like we’re 5.

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