Dirt Spot!

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Dirt Spot!

I went to cut the grass the other day and found this heart shaped dirt spot under a tree.  It was strange how all the grass was removed but the dirt was smooth.

I took out the camera to take a photo of the heart shape – when all of a sudden – the grass about 6 inches away started moving – like it was alive. The way the grass was lifting up and down in the air made me think it was a snake.

Regardless what it was – I was startled and I dropped my phone as I was running away. I was about to go get Sadie and Buckles from the backyard when I looked back and noticed 3 tiny rabbits popping out from the grass and start hopping away.  They were so tiny.

I just laughed that I was so startled by this.  I was so busy laughing at my self, I didn’t even think to go over and pick up my phone and take a picture of them.

Apparently, the mommy bunny removed the grass to cover the babies in the small hole she dug just a few inches from the heart shaped dirt spot she had created.

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