Heart of 3 Rocks

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Heart of 3 Rocks

This is the view from my front door at Mighty Joe.  If U look behind Joe on the ground U will notice 3 big rock slabs – together these 3 rock slabs make a heart.

When we first purchased the land in Sept 1998 and I was cutting the grass for the first time – so I guess U would call it a field – I had come across these 3 rock slabs individually and in totally different places at the land.

They are each very heavy!  I now this cuz I picked them up and set them on my riding lawnmower and brought them over near the area I set aside for the large fire pit.

I must admit, at the time I didn’t think nothing of it when I found each of these rocks when cutting the grass.  However, that night when I was sitting by the fire I looked over at these 3 rocks and I realized if positioned correctly, together they would make a perfect heart.

I think this is what U call serendipity – considering I found these 3 rocks scattered across this huge piece of property and I discover, together they make the perfect heart shape.

I do recall after spending about 30 minutes rearranging these HEAVY rocks to form the heart shape, thinking to myself how cool I was for seeing this in the first place.





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