Brett’s HeART

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Brett’s HeART

The focus here is on the bottom framed HeART Brett had made when he was in Kindergarten.

In order to see the complete piece of work, please click on the picture to the left.  Once opened, notice in the lower piece of orange tissue paper there is a hole shaped as a heart in the paper.

Brett did not plan this, however at the time I made a big deal out of it and that is why it was framed.

The above framed art of the cat was made by Savannah when she was in Kindergarten as well.


Did U know hanging your children’s artwork on the wall – framed or unframed – instills confidence and self assurance in the child.

Of course I went overboard for the first 13 years by hanging their artwork, spelling tests and report cards everywhere – I’ll post a photo sometime – I literally mean on every inch of space available on the wall and hallway within every room of our first home.

The results… my children are very confident, individual thinkers, who know who they are and are not afraid to work to achieve what they desire.

By laying the proper foundation when raising children; always taking pride of who they are and, what they do – as they grow older, the children will look for your advice and recognition in the choices they make.  And, together U can reflect on all their triumphs and even the struggles.

It’s a wonderful bond, I encourage U to all try it.




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