Tar Heart

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Tar Heart

This black tar heart was found on the sidewalk near a street that is being repaved. I found it and showed the kids.

We thought about how it might have gotten there:

3.5 year old Webster: “I think it was a cement mixer and it dropped black cement and it dried out and made a heart!”

3.5 year old Rowan: “I think it was a dump truck. It dropped black dirt on the sidewalk and maybe it made a heart!”

2.5 year old Zuzu: “That’s silly!”

2 year old Desmond: “Ahhh!” I think they’re all correct!


Megan L.

Megan runs a daycare here in MN.  After learning about seeinghearts.com one of her daily activities is sending the kids out on scavenger hunts for hearts.

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