We see hearts everywhere, everyday! These are our hearts and the stories behind them. Upload and share your found hearts and stories with us all.


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A little about me and why seeinghearts.com

First and foremost, I love being a dad and everything that comes with it!           I have two awesome kids who continue to open my eyes to the world of possibilities and opportunities.

As we all know, the wonderful thing about children is their ability to see things much better then any of us adults considering everyday we get older it seems between the world and society giving us all these distractions we can quickly lose sight in the seeing and appreciating the simple pleasures.

My daughter Savannah was 6 (now 19) and my son Brett was 3 (now 16) when they shared with me how they kept seeing hearts everywhere.  At first I wasn’t sure what they meant – till they began to start pointing them all out.  It wasn’t too long before all three of us began seeing hearts everywhere, every day.    We even started taking photos to document these hearts.

Fast forward 13 years and 1000’s of hearts later, our lives have been transformed. Hearts have become a big part of our family lives – we even have a 13ft heart light in our front yard and 100’s of different heart shaped items we have collected and placed throughout our home – which I will be sharing with U in time.

We always discussed someday putting together a book to share all the hearts we have found along with the story behind them, however my close friend Camille suggested I simply start a blog/site.  A splendid idea – considering it will allow all of U to share your found hearts and stories as well.

I encourage U to keep your eyes open, see ‘s and share them with us all. Remember, what U think about U bring about feel free to apply this to your life in every way – it really works!!!



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Recent Blog Posts

July 7, 2020 |


April 2020, Look at this delicious lasagna, the sides oozing with fresh spinach and to top it off, I love how it cooked up a perfect heart within the gooey cheese. Dinner is served, although tomorrow’s lunch will clearly be extra special.  ...

July 6, 2020 |

Olivia legging

April 2020 McKinlee’s best friend Olivia – who lives across the street – was over for a day of fun!  At one point, McKInlee yelled for me, told me she found a heart for me to take a pic of. When I walked into the backyard, I found them both playing on the hammock and McKinlee pointed at Olivia’s leggings – I confirmed to the girls “I can see the heart shaped hole – good eye McKinlee!’...

July 5, 2020 |

Pink Lemonade

April 2020 It is officially summer – at Costco!.  They just released the all natural Strawberry Lemonade.  And weeks later, their Blackberry Lemonade.  OMG!!  So fricken refreshing and delicious!! I poured my first glass, and big surprise, a HEART!  Formed by little tiny bubbles. I love U are back too Ms. Organic Lemonade! Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Ann!! ♥...

July 4, 2020 |

Super Hard Easter

April 2020 Lisa and I are now on our 6th time watching the series LetterKenny on Hulu – created, written and starring the extremely talented Jared Kesso. I believe when I spotted this heart written on the clue in this episode – Lisa and I were only on our 2nd time watching the series of LetterKenny. As U may know from all our previous posts of hearts found within the LetterKenny series – we absolutely love this show! In fact, there are about 20 more pics/posts U can expect to see, considering we have spotted so many more hearts over the six times we watched the complete series.   Happy Independence Day America!!...

July 3, 2020 |


April 2020 We had our first bonfire during the pandemic.  As Lisa, McKinlee and I sat around the fire, I noticed the sunset had transpired the white clouds, pink and purple. Lucky for U, one of the clouds was shaped as a heart – or else I wouldn’t been able to share it with...

July 2, 2020 |

McKinlee’s cloud

April 2020 McKinlee and I were outside on a beautiful Spring day. As I looked up at the sky, I pointed at a cloud and said, “I see…” I can’t recall what I saw, but I do remember it was a animal.  McKinlee then looked up and said, “well, I see a heart!” “U should take a picture for the site!” she remarked. As I took the pic I stated proudly, “Good Eye McKinlee!!!”...

July 1, 2020 |

Perfectly clear

April 2020 Lisa and I were getting some drinks and snacks together in the kitchen, before we headed to the living room to watch one of our shows. As I was about to fill Lisa’s glass, I spotted the heart shaped water stain in the bottom of the glass. Initially, I was quite surprised to find this heart – it was perfectly shaped.  I called Lisa to come over and take a look – after she did , I took this pic and then washed out the glass – to assure it was clean.  ...

June 30, 2020 |


March 2020 Now in full quarantine mode, it was that time of the day – Leo was due for a walk.  Happily ready to get out of the house, Leo and I ventured off to walk around Grass Lake.  It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day – the snow was melting. As we were both enjoying the walk outside in the fresh air, I noticed Leo spending a little more time then usual in one particular place, I gave him little pull on his leash/harness. Leo looked up at me and then looked again at the ground. I walked over to him and asked, “what did U find buddy?”  He looked at the ground...

June 28, 2020 |

Stone cold

March 2020 Lisa and I returned home from Chicago and couldn’t wait to see Leo.  We were only away for a couple days – although Leo made it seem like, it was forever.  He’s such a good boy!!! We took our daily walk around Grass Lake – when Leo came across a boulder that looked as if it was previously buried under some dirt.  Leo looked up to me, like he was saying, do U see this…. as U can see by the pic, it had a deep heart shaped hole carved into on the exposed side. I took the pic and said “OK, thanks buddy, lets go!”  Leo then peed on the rock...

June 27, 2020 |


March 2020, When Lisa and I were in Chicago, vehicles were scarce since the virus had just begun.  As we walked down the street we came across a sign in a window – for a personal card reading. Lisa had never done this yet, so we decided to give it a try.  As I was waiting for Lisa’s reading to be finished, I noticed sum sort of smudge on the base of the lamp.  As U can see for yourself, it’s heart shaped. Both our readings were positive and optimistic....

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